Week of July 27th

Week of July 27th

I’m afraid I slacked on my blog this week, but I finally caught up. This image is my little Ella with my Providencepinup.com business partner, LuLu.

I’m very excited about this new project. Below is a detailed explaination of what we are doing.


Providencepinup.com, a one-stop hair, make-up and photography shop dedicated to the pin-up tradition and style of Betty Page, Alberto Vargas and Zoe Mozert. Providencepinup.com offers studio sessions where women can have their hair and make-up professionally styled and choose from an impressive array of vintage Inspired clothing for a personal photo shoot.

Providencepinup.com caters to women of all ages and body types, as the professional staff understands how to capture the unique beauty in every woman. Like pin-up art in general, providencepinup.com photo sessions run the gamut from playful to sexy, you can say Maryanne to Ginger. Providencepinup.com believes that pin-up art is a celebration of woman’s independence and sexuality which rejects the misogyny evoked by today’s emaciated, botoxed and “enhanced”

professional models as well as the whole “Girl-Gone-Wild” ethos.

Studio offerings range from individual sessions to entire bachelorette parties. Extras include your image on calendars and playing cards in the classic Varga Girl tradition. Providencepinup.com is a proud sponsor of Providence Roller Derby and can be found in many of Providence’s finest tattoo parlors. Package

prices begin at $295.

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